About Metafi


Ben Reisterer, MA, LPC

Founder & CEO of Metafi

It all started with a passion to help others.

Benjamin values the invitation to walk alongside you and curiously explore the intersection of your story, emotions, mind, body, and relationships. He strives to hold an open and accepting space where no matter where you find yourself in life, the two of you can turn toward and develop insight into your experiences, your emotions, and the ways you’ve learned to show up in this world - a shared process of undoing aloneness. This cultivates hope, healing, and transformation allowing you to get unstuck, turn towards wholeness, and pursue the life you want to live.

Benjamin has extensive experience walking alongside clients through anxiety, depression, grief and loss, cultivating meaning and purpose, life changes, sexual identity, relationship issues, and trauma. He is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Michigan and a member of the American Counseling Association (ACA). He holds a double major BA in Psychology and Family Studies and an MA in Counseling. He is the founder and creator of MetaFi, an Android and iOS app designed to help users develop a practice that cultivates mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and body awareness. Benjamin is a U.S. Navy SeaBee veteran of OEF Afghanistan.